If you wish to explore Vinkovci in a somewhat avanturistic way, you can do it by taking a ride on one of Vinkovci's bicycle lines.

These are paths of various surfaces (macadam, soil, pebble, grass, asphalt) which are built for mountain bikes or tourist bicycles of good quality. The paths are marked with blue, red and yellow colours, and they all have the starting point in common: the bridge over Bosut in the heart of Vinkovci. The blue line is 19 kilometres long and leads from Vinkovci towards the Borinci settlement to Antin stan in Ivankovo and back to Vinkovci. The red line is 15 kilometres long, runs in the direction of Nova brana, the Bazjaš canal, to the Kunjevci forest and back to the centre of Vinkovci. The yellow line is the longest, 21 kilometres, and reaches from the Bosut bridge towards the Sopot tourist resort and stan Sopot, in the direction of the village of Rokovci, then to the Kunjevci forest, and back to Vinkovci.

If you wish to take a ride on one of these lines, the maps can be obtained at the Vinkovci Tourist Office.

The Danube cycle-touristic route passes through Croatia in the length of 138 kilometres and is adjacent to the Syrmia bicycle route. This Syrmian route connects the southern area of the Vukovar-Syrmia County to the north-eastern part. The starting point is in the heart of Vinkovci - near the Lamp of Vinkovci, or to be more precise, near the Vinkovci Tourist Office, and goes through Rokovci, Andrijaševci, Cerna and Gradište towards Cvelferija, then through Gunja, Vrbanja and Drenovci to Otok.

In Otok the route offers two options: one is the ride through Privlaka to Vinkovci and towards Nuštar and Bogdanovci to Vukovar, and the other is through Komletinci to Nijemci, towards Tovarnik and Ilok.

Bicycle service shops
Proprietor: Stjepan Maršić
I.G. Kovačića 11, Vinkovci 
Tel: 032 331 001
Gsm: 098 9486 232

Bicycle servicing and rental
Bike zone
Proprietor: Žan Živković
J. Dalmatinca 19, Vinkovci
tel: 032 306 060

Route-related contact
BK "Sokol- Cestorad"
Proprietor: Tomislav Zadro
098 253 748
091 505 52 94
S. Radića 36, Vinkovci