The area of modern-day Vinkovci has been inhabited for more than eight thousand years. Many people and civilizations exchanged here, leaving their traces behind which the archeologists uncover and in which the citizens of Vinkovci can take pride. Some of the people who passed through these lands, either through migrations or wars, influenced the life and the customs of the indigenous inhabitants - the Šokci.

Nowadays, however, the Šokci way of life is passing, and we can learn more about it by reading the books of the local writers and from the lovers of these lands, as well as by visiting the Museum or by having a talk with some newly-married woman who still lives such a life. In order to prevent the customs from being completely forgotten, many individuals, associations and institutions organize various workshops, gatherings, seminars, fairs and, of course, festivals.

To this end, many associations based in the City area work to keep alive the customs of Šokadija, which are: needleworks (embroidery, golden embroidery, šlinganje, toledo, and the like), weaving, pottery, bottle staining, gourd painting, making national garments, as well as the preservation of the authentic dance and song, customs such as picking feathers, distilling rakija and many more).

You can obtain more information regarding the activities of these associations at the Tourist Office of the Vinkovci Tourist Board.

Rustic houses

Within the closer City environs it is possible to visit rustic houses where you'll be greeted by kind hosts who will take you through the treasures of their ancestors. Lodgings with comfortable feather-beds, rich gastronomical menu and a real rustic environment guarantee a good vacation.

Antin stan
Vinogradska bb, 32 281 Ivankovo
Tel: 032 381 444

Acin salaš
Vukovarska 98, 32 214  Tordinci
Gsm: 091 115 05 05, 099 684 49 15
Tel: 032 580 845


Slavonija has always been synonymous for the richness of all senses, and even today here in Vinkovci one can taste many dishes native to these lands, such as kulen, pork crackling, head cheese, crescent rolls, čobanac, fish paprikash, goose paprikash, bread with lard spread and many more, which is nicely followed up by a drink of home-made rakija (plum brandy)!

How much the preservation of the kulen-producing tradition is important for the citizens of Vinkovci, is shown by the fact that this very skill has been included in the Republic of Croatia Protected Immaterial Cultural Goods List.

The citizens of Vinkovci are not only able to recognize, but also produce a good drink, and this fact is confirmed by the National Fruit Rakija and Liqueur Exhibition, which the Tourist Board of Vukovar-Syrmia County traditionally organizes in Vinkovci for the Vinkovačke jeseni event.

Kulen producers

Kneza Domagoja 30, Vinkovci
Tel:032 364 364

Rakija production and tasting facilities

Ivan Perić
Vinogradska bb, 32 281 Ivankovo